Born in 1998.
Irvine lives his life in a
rebellious way and that is
what brought along his creativity.

He started his barista career when he was 16 years old without any passion and just want to earn money to buy himself a smartphone. However, latte art aroused his interest and that is where his journey began.

Irvine joined his first national latte art championship when he was 18. Since then, after countless practices, he won the world latte art champion in 2018 at Brazil Horizonte when he was 20, recognized as the world’s youngest world champion and also broke the highest score record on the world stage with his amazing creativity. Lately, in 2019, he won another world champion title in the world latte art battle that happened in Seoul, Korea.

As a double world champion holder at a young age, he wanted to inspire the youth around the world to do what they want to do and believe that “everyone can be a champion”. To him, it is just a matter of how you define yourself even though you are young and how rebellious you are for what you want to do. Inspired to be inspiring.